the owesemm!

i blocked u oke?

hai..okeh malam ni aq nak ceqita sikit pasal aq kena 'melamar' oleh someone
aq kenal dia ni beberapa hari lepas lah..
dia add aq kat pesbukk,,yela kita nak kawan kan,,
aq pun app la dia tanpa rasa waswas gituu..
cehh macam makanan pulak.hehee
okeh,,benda ni start pas aq tuleh kat status aq gini,,
"when i see people around u im jeles!"
haaaa,,,dy pun chat la aq advise pape...
berjelajela kot..penat nak baca..
  • Tony Howard
    • Dear Sitmidza,When situation gets you down, remember there's Someone in Heaven who loves you and watches over you and there's someone on Earth who cares. I do Tony are you single

  • 20 jam yang lalu
    Sitiamidza Rahman
    • tq,,Tony,,i'll always pray to dear God, and im better now bcoz i hve people who cares about me and mke me happy..i'll appreciate wht u said to me..
  • Tony Howard
    19 jam yang lalu
    Tony Howard
    • However, if my late wife is alive today, we wouldn't have met each other here. She left me with only a lovely Daughter Kate who will be clocking 9 years of age by 20th March, she lives in the school while studying due to l can't take good care of her because l'm so busy with my work but she do comes home by weekend and l do visit her always because l love her so u have any kids, u look so great my dear

  • 19 jam yang lalu
    Sitiamidza Rahman
    • so sory to hear that..well..i didnt hve any kids bcoz im still stdying..n still young....i think ur daughter must be beautiful young girl..,,dont be so guilty if u busy,,bcoz u need to work hard..its for ur daughter also....
  • Tony Howard
    16 jam yang lalu
    Tony Howard
    • Dearest Sitimidza,

      Meanwhile, l decided to hook up with life again after years of loneliness,,,My good friend who married an Asian woman from Thailand introduced me to this Site because he found his wife here and they are living happily with their family in New York USA, and he also told me that Asian woman are kindly, loving, respected and faithful in love like Western world. Finally, l will meet with you in your country if you are the right one for me because l believe in reality. its my pleasure to meet you here and l'm looking forward to read from you soon,,,,Do have a great time and always be cool.When situation gets you down, remember there's Someone in Heaven who loves you and watches over you and there's someone on Earth who cares. I do Tony you sound like all what l need in my life, l am willing to visit u lf u have open mind to welcome me in Ur country, l have one month holiday here in London. do u like to speak on phone. Remain Blessed.

      Yours in mind,


  • 10 jam yang lalu
    Sitiamidza Rahman
    • im so glad to hear about ur good imprssion about our country..thank you so much.well..if ur nvermind..come and visit malaysia..we hve a beautiful country and places to visit..u also can find smeone who will be ur prtner,maybe..;Loll~im joking:)..our country had Malay, Cina, and also India..u can learn more..this gonna be excting! bring ur lovely kate a Muslim,,,Muslim always pleasre people who like to know more about our rligion,,tq:)
  • Tony Howard
    5 jam yang lalu
    Tony Howard
    • Dearest Sitimidza,

      However, You really touched my inner most heart with your sweet mail which shows that someone out there cares so much for Tony and l will prove to you that l'm Understandable, Honest and Faithful in love. l'm so glad that you like my idea of making your country my second home. l want to tell you now that l'm thinking about you so much honey. l'm coming to meet you soon and marry you because l love you. l'm ready to convert to Muslim as long as we love each other with true love and live together as one.

      Meanwhile, my feelings is always there for you whether near or far because l'm thinking about you so much. Honey, you can't ask why you always feel for me, can't you see that we have the same feelings with each other because l believe in reality. l'm coming to be with you soon and make you proud in your country because l found so much interest on you. l really appreciate knowing someone like you and l will do anything possible to have you alone and cherish your love.

      Moreover, Thanks so much for your regards to my beloved Daughter Kate and l'm glad to tell you that she is doing great as well but she need a nice Lady like you who can take good care of her because l do cry anytime she miss her late Mum. it's great to share with you that l have made enough money for my family and l will be happy to spend everything with you because l'm coming to meet you soon. here is my contact number +447934902039 call me you sms me.

      Yours In Mind,

      haha..pjg x????tukannn aq dah habaq..
      aduii..trgeliat lidah aq duk baca mnatang ni..hai...naseb2...
      tptptptp,,aq dah remove dy,,hehehe..takut bhaii...;(..
      klah...smpay sini sahaja..

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Can I Share Something With You Dear?? said...

haha...nk pn diminati dgn laki tua yg dh ada anak kt kl hg lg hebat sbb dpt mat salleh...haha...lau aq pn aq remove...lwk nya...sgt lwk...honey.... nyeh3...hehehe... btw, ble nk kwen?? tu la kn, ble kte buat bek kt owg, owg slh fhm lak... u're right.. we're muslim.. we just being nice to all people around us... :)